Don’t mix these up

congé—permission to leave; a formal bow on departure; a farewell (con-ZHAY)
congee—a rice porridge typical in some Asian diets (CON-jee)

court marshal—officer who performs duties in the courthouse and/or courtroom
court martial—military trial
court Marcia—trial for a Brady

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Wordfreak. Linguist. WA State licensed P.I. #3377. Principal, Viera Investigations. Spanish-English interpreter. Sole proprietor, Encanto Language Services. Erstwhile librarian. Texan by birth, cheesehead by upbringing, latina by soul, PacNWer by choice. Jewelry artist, Different Drummer Designs. Owner, world’s most gigantic dachshund. Driver, world’s almost smallest car. Chocoholic. Lover of things purple.
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2 Responses to Don’t mix these up

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Hey stranger! Couldn’t “court Marcia” also be “woo a Brady”?
    How was your trip? Want to hear all about it–but am slammed until the 22nd…

    • Verla says:

      Yours is so much funnier than mine, Elisabeth! I wish I’d thought of it.