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You say potato

In a post a couple of weeks ago, I talked about one of the many differences between British and American English—their choice of singular vs. plural treatment of collective nouns. Today’s post is about a spelling and pronunciation difference. The … Continue reading

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John & Jane Doe

I’ve previously spoken in this blog about common names, and about how the prevalence of various names has changed over the course of decades. One of the names discussed in that previous post has not only prevalence going for it, … Continue reading

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I’ll be back shortly

My private investigator licensing exam is scheduled for this Saturday, February 26th. I’m dedicating my time this week to studying. See you soon!

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Corking read-up cheers!

My blogging software, Word Press, has a spam filter to prevent junk comments from being posted. I don’t know what algorithm it uses, but it works well. I’ve never had a spam comment go through, nor have I had a … Continue reading

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Sibilance, sibilance, sibilance

Intrepid Reader Sara, who has spent part of her working life in London, asks the following: “The Brits say, ‘The couple are crossing the street’ or ‘The team are playing well.’ I always thought this was incorrect. It should be … Continue reading

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