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In which I eschew candles and cake

Today is The Professor’s birthday. As I post this, she is in the air, on one of the innumerable trips in which she indefatigably gives to her profession by contributing her brilliance and clear head (yes, as in “clearer heads … Continue reading

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Stream of consciousness outgoing message

This is Verla. I’m not available right now, so you can’t avail yourself of me. Which kinda sounds dirty, but isn’t. Please leave a message after the tone, which I say out of habit in spite of the fact that … Continue reading

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Today’s paper

The Professor thinks I’m hilarious. She says I should tweet. Others would enjoy what I have to say, she tells me. I set up an account, but having all that random stuff streaming towards me was overwhelming, so I quit … Continue reading

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Memory Lane

I am watching that episode of Cheers where Diane meets Frasier’s mother. And Mom is not in Seattle, and she is not married to Marty, and she is not dead. My head is about to explode. Ironically, this is also … Continue reading

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