Why I’m back

Though I left the regular work world about five years ago, in a way I’ve not really started feeling like I’m self-employed until recently. As an interpreter, I had total choice over which assignments I accepted, as well as where and when. But once those jobs were on my calendar, I had a structure to my week that I would adhere to. Now, as an investigator, I have a long list of things to do and no particular time when they must be done. Many of them are things that I do at home at my desk and computer. I’m finding it a challenge to structure my days in a way that ensures that I make a lot of progress. Intrepid Reader Ben will be happy to hear that returning to blogging is one of the things I hope to use to provide myself with that structure.

I have three items I’ve identified as being vital to giving me a structured day.
– First, every morning when I brush my teeth after breakfast, I’m putting on regular clothes.
– Second, I vow to leave the house at least once each day, even if only for a quick run to the store.
– Third, when I feel the siren song of Netflix, which can pull me in for hours, I intend to sit down and write a blog post instead.

See you here from time to time.

About Verla

Wordfreak. Linguist. WA State licensed P.I. #3377. Principal, Viera Investigations. Spanish-English interpreter. Sole proprietor, Encanto Language Services. Erstwhile librarian. Texan by birth, cheesehead by upbringing, latina by soul, PacNWer by choice. Jewelry artist, Different Drummer Designs. Owner, world’s most gigantic dachshund. Driver, world’s almost smallest car. Chocoholic. Lover of things purple.
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6 Responses to Why I’m back

  1. Ben Faus says:

    In commenting so quickly, you probably think I just hit refresh on your blog every five minutes, but I promise it isn’t the case. I happen to be doing a lot of dealings on my computer this week (various applications and things).

    Having read The Odyssey and being familiar with the original “siren song” reference, I imagined you tied to a ship mast while watching a movie on your laptop. The laptop was clasped in your wrist bound hands. A funny picture, to say the least.

    • Verla says:

      Funny, and, well…slightly kinky.

    • Ben Faus says:

      Although, that might not be the original reference. I always assumed it was. It could be in other ancient writings I just haven’t read.

      • Sue Frantz says:

        And here’s your psychology/Odyssey connection for the day.

        Ulysses contracts. When you know that your future self may have a difficult time resisting the call of, well, whatever, you make a contract to protect your future self. The best one I heard of, courtesy of David Eagleman, author of Incognito, were the college students in California who, during finals, gave their facebook passwords to their friends. Their friends changed the passwords, and then held onto those new passwords until after finals. If you don’t think that your future self can resist facebook when you should be studying, have yourself tied to the mast until the danger passes.

        In the talk of Eagleman’s I went to, a person in the audience referred to them as Ulysses grants. That’s something else altogether.

  2. Sue Frantz says:

    Yaayyyy!!! She’s back!

    • Verla says:

      Thanks for not mentioning that the reason you’re so excited is partly because it increases the likelihood that I’ll shower occasionally.