FOUND: No more pants

I’ve been enchanted by FOUND magazine (and now website) ever since I knew it existed. It’s just what it sounds like—pictures of notes and photos and other found objects. Some are funny, some sad, some mystifying; but all are compelling.

I get a little surge of excitement every time I see some paper on the ground. If it’s a grocery list, the most commonly found text, I’m theorizing about the person who wrote it, who they live with and what their life is like. I once found a pile of discarded mail that belonged to a dentist. I got to read about the curriculum at an upcoming conference—who knew what dentists talked about amongst themselves?

Our daily dog walks provide frequent opportunities to see some of what the neighbors might be up to. I once put a torn up note back together, discovering that it was an angry rant written by a teen girl after a breakup. That one was fun. A couple of days ago, I struck on what was the mother lode! It was a soaked-through spiral pad of 3×5 cards. I brought them home and carefully peeled them apart, placing them on a rack to dry. All of this is the investigator in me of course—there might be important clues!

The spiral pad belonged to a middle school student named Karely.

The cards as a collection give interesting insight into the pre-teen years and were alternately sweet and frightening. They are most illustrative as a body of work, but I’ll share just the best of the bunch with you here, beginning with my favorite, because the author of this card is a girl after my own heart.

Soccer fan?

Cat fan



A fan

Family tree?

And of course…NO MORE PANTS


You’re welcome.

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