Leaning into your strengths…and weaknesses

I had a childhood friend who really enjoyed acting in her high school plays. She once told me that after being excited to be cast in her first play, she happened to see the teacher’s audition notes. By her name, it said, “Can’t act, but has good, strong voice.” Lucky for her, this didn’t discourage her. She just thought it was funny. If she had reacted differently, she might have lost out on all the enjoyment being in high school theater ended up giving her.

Sometimes I’m tempted to do only the things I’m good at. But if I were to always do that, it would limit my horizons, and I would never learn anything new. Today, think about something that you haven’t tried before, and might not even be very good at if you did try, but that you might enjoy. Do you dare?

About Verla

Wordfreak. Retired private investigator and Spanish court interpreter. Erstwhile librarian. Texan by birth, cheesehead by upbringing, latina by soul, in New Mexico by choice. Lover of things purple. Passionate participant in the Librivox audiobook recording project. We record books that are in the public domain in the U.S. The recordings are then placed in the public domain themselves.
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