About Verla

WA State licensed P.I. #3377
Principal, Viera Investigations
Spanish-English interpreter
Sole proprietor, Encanto Language Services
Erstwhile librarian
Texan by birth, cheesehead by upbringing, latina by soul, PacNWer by choice
Jewelry artist, Different Drummer Designs
Owner, world’s most gigantic dachshund
Driver, world’s almost smallest car
Lover of things purple


And last but far, far, far from least, wife of the WordsWordsWords webmaster–also known as The Professor–who provides design, technical support, CSS tweaking, HTML manhandling, and font fondling free of charge.

2 Responses to About Verla

  1. Joan Teller says:

    I saw your article in the NOTIS newsletter and was interested in your blog. Some years ago I adopted the user name “wordswordwords” on a message board at about the same time as I was setting up a blog showing my comments on books as I’ve read them. The Website URL is given above. I’m afraid it’s a bit late to change my “name,” and I hope you don’t mind if there are other people going by “wordswordwords” out there.

    • Verla says:

      Welcome, Joan! I think there can never be too many words out there, so it follows that there can’t be too many wordswordswords (wordswordswordses?), either.

      When I was starting this blog, I looked at a lot of different possibilities for a name. Logophilia, Away with Words, Wordfreak–I can’t even remember them all. My biggest problem was the fact that since people have been dreaming up URLs for 15 or 20 years now, it’s really hard to find one that isn’t taken. It’s helped that they’ve added the new domains, one of which is .info.

      So wordswordswords was as much a creature of circumstance as anything. Thank you for stopping by!

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