Happy Mensiversary

Today marks one month since I wrote my first post on WordsWordsWords. I sure am having a good time with it!

Statistical software isn’t flawless, but it tells me that in that time, there’ve been about 420 page views, from 12 different states. Most are from Washington, with New York and Florida tied for second. It makes me really happy that others are reading and enjoying what I’m writing.

One thing that I’ve discovered is that a daily post is probably too much. A lot of the posts are in the 400-600 word range, and putting together an essay like that every day takes more time than I have without something else getting short shrift. I’m never at a loss for ideas, but I want to make sure I have the oomph to keep up the blog. Going to 3-5 posts per week, which is what I’m going to do, makes that more realistic.

I’ve said “Happy Mensiversary” because “anniversary” comes from the Latin root annus, meaning year. Mensis means month, and we see it in words like menstruate. If you’re an etymologist, the phrase “one month anniversary” strikes a dissonant chord in your ear for that reason. Google “mensiversary,” and you’ll see that there’s a world of folks out there concerned with this topic. There’s even a Facebook group called “Make ‘mensiversary’ a word.” I’m not sure how they think a word is made. If I’ve just written the sentence “Make ‘mensiversary’ a word,” it’s a word already. See it there? Right on the page about two inches from the beginning of this sentence.

As for me, I don’t mind if someone congratulates me on my one-month blog anniversary. It would be rude to rebuff such graciousness with a grammar lesson.

About Verla

Wordfreak. Retired private investigator and Spanish court interpreter. Erstwhile librarian. Texan by birth, cheesehead by upbringing, latina by soul, in New Mexico by choice. Lover of things purple. Passionate participant in the Librivox audiobook recording project. We record books that are in the public domain in the U.S. The recordings are then placed in the public domain themselves.
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