Rant and Rave


I have mild arthritis in my hands. Not enough to be a major problem; just enough to cause a little pain when I’m opening jars and such. On my doctor’s recommendation, I take glucosamine. The liquid is easier than the horse pill form, so I’ve gone with that for a number of years. The bottle I buy (big bottle, Costco, cheap) comes with the lid wrapped in cellophane, which lies when it says “Tear Here,” because I have to use a knife to get it off. The plastic lid under the cellophane is sealed, something like you hear the click of a water bottle when you open it. Underneath the cellophane and the plastic lid is a paper/foil seal attached to the actual mouth of the bottle. It, too, lies when it says “Lift n Peel,” because it necessitates another pass with the knife. Even the Professor, who has strong, non-arthritic hands, is unable to lift and peel it.

News flash, Wellesse® by Botanical Laboratories, LLC. I am more afraid of the pain you are causing my arthritic hands than I am of the infinitesimally remote possibility that someone will get it in their mind to deliver poison via American glucosamine distribution channels.


I love it here. Today it’s 65 degrees and drizzling. My favorite kind of weather. I feel like my complexion gets a moisturizing mist just by walking out the door. Fall: it’s time to get out the socks for the socks and sandals northwestern combo. I settled for thick cotton with my shorts today, but fuzzy socks aren’t far away. On that note, Seattle makes a perennial appearance on lists of the country’s worst-dressed cities. (See the folks in the socks and sandals video referenced above.) I’m pretty sure most of us respond with a blank stare, asking, “And?” Fleece is so comfy—why wear anything else? When I’m on the East Coast, just looking at all the gals in heels makes my feet hurt. This is what happens when you live that much farther from Paris, I guess.

After quite a bit of sojourning on both our parts, the Professor and I showed up here a baker’s dozen years ago. We hope never to live anywhere else.

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